Core to the philosophy of midwifery care is informed decision-making of our clients.  Here are a few suggestions for readers and internet-surfers alike.  We also have a selection of books and videos for lending on-site–just ask at the reception desk. Continue reading

Victoria’s Story

Henry Vincent was born on March 31, 2011 at 9:49 on a snowy, sunny morning. I was four days past my due date and had been feeling as though I was to be pregnant for the rest of my life. My sisters had delivered their babies before their due dates, and my cervix was very ready to go so we thought I would follow the pattern and deliver early as well. Continue reading

Nadiene’s Story

I had been having false alarms all week! Contractions would start and we’d think, THIS IS IT! but then they’d fizzle out and I would get more and more depressed. This pregnancy has not been easy and I’m still dealing with extreme pain from the issues it brought with it. I really just needed this baby out of me as soon as I could get him out! Continue reading

Single Provider Practices

The main advantage of smaller pediatric offices is the benefit of forming a closer relationship with one provider. Continue reading

Testimonials About Our Midwives

“Mountains of thanks to you for helping to bring our wonderful baby daughter into this world. It was an experience I’ll cherish in my heart to the end. Thank you, also, for being such a strong advocate of us and our desire for a natural birth – I am joyful with the outcome.” Continue reading

Larger Pediatric Offices

The advantages of larger pediatric offices are the availability of multiple physicians and Advanced Nurse Practitioners, and sometimes more flexible appointment hours and multiple locations. Continue reading

Naturopathic Practitioners

Naturopathic Practitioners provide well baby checks. However, they do not have prescriptive authority or admitting privileges for hospitals, so you may also want to establish a relationship with a pediatrician or family practice provider. Continue reading

About Midwives

Midwife means “with women”.  Midwives are specially trained women (very few midwives are men) who assist women and their families in pregnancy, childbirth and the immediate postpartum period. Continue reading

Philosophy of Care

We believe that pregnancy is a natural state, and that medical intervention is only necessary when that condition changes. We use intervention (e.g. continuous fetal monitoring, IV’s, episiotomies, induction) during labor and delivery only when indicated, and not routinely. Continue reading

Our Staff

Get to know the staff of Midwifery & Women’s Health Care at Geneva Woods. Continue reading

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